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FileA Study on the Presence of Osteopontin and α3β1 Integrin in the Endometrium...2020-10-10 13:25 844k
FileAlteration in Expression of Primordial Germ Cell (PGC) Markers During Inducti...2020-10-10 13:25 552k
FileCoronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) A Systematic Review of Pregnancy and the ...2020-10-10 13:25 640k
FileDeterminants of Child Size at Birth and Associated Maternal Factor in Gurage ...2020-10-10 13:25 496k
Filedevelopment of art laboratory performance indicators.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 344k
FileDistribution of Human Papillomavirus and Antisperm Antibody in Semen and Its ...2020-10-10 13:25 416k
FileEffects of Bariatric Surgeries on Male and Female Fertility- A Systematic Rev...2020-10-10 13:25 624k
FileEffects of Sperm Chromatin Integrity on Fertilization Rate and Embryo Quality...2020-10-10 13:25 104k
FileEmbryo Banking with Mild Ovarian Stimulation for IVF-An Alternative Strategy ...2020-10-10 13:25 180k
FileEmbryonic Stem Cell Conditioned Medium Supports In Vitro Maturation of Mouse ...2020-10-10 13:25 512k
FileEnhancing a Successful Pregnancy and Delivery After ICSI in Advanced-Age Woma...2020-10-10 13:25 328k
FileESHREESGE consensus on diagnosis of female genital anomalies.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 840k
FileEvaluation of the azoospermic male a committee opinion.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 556k
FileEvaluation of the azoospermic malea committee opinion.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 556k
FileFailure in Identity Building as the Main Challenge of Infertility- A Qualitat...2020-10-10 13:25 444k
FileInternational evidence-based guideline for the assessment and management of p...2020-10-10 13:25 1328k
FileIVF Technology.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 60k
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FileManagement of women with premature ovarian insufficiency.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 1944k
FileMultinucleation in Day Two Embryos Is Not Associated with Multinucleation in ...2020-10-10 13:25 464k
FileObesity and Infertility- A Metabolic Assessment Strategy to Improve Pregnancy...2020-10-10 13:25 372k
FilePrediction of Gestational Diabetes by Measuring the Levels of Pregnancy Assoc...2020-10-10 13:25 580k
FilePrevalence of Cytomegalovirus in Semen of Male Partners of Infertile Couples ...2020-10-10 13:25 296k
FileRecurrent pregnancy loss.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 1864k
FileRevised guidelines for good practice in IVF laboratories (2015).pdf2020-10-10 13:25 484k
FileRevised guidelines for human embryology and andrology laboratories.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 180k
FileSperm Chromatin Integrity- Etiologies and Mechanisms of Abnormality, Assays, ...2020-10-10 13:25 124k
FileThe Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Octyl Gallate Through Inhibition of Nuclear F...2020-10-10 13:25 592k
FileThe Beneficial Role of Intra Cytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injec...2020-10-10 13:25 312k
FileThe Determination of Estradiol to Cumulus Oocyte Complex (COC) Number Ratio- ...2020-10-10 13:25 444k
FileThe use of preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A).pdf2020-10-10 13:25 196k
Fileبسته_خدمت_باروری_سالم_ویژه_م.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 616k
Fileتکنیک های کمک باروری و پیامدهای پریناتال.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 548k
Fileدستورالعمل تاسیس مرکز درمان ناباروری ART.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 124k
Fileدستورالعمل_درمان_زوج_نابارور.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 300k
Fileدستورعمل کشوری ارایه خدمات مراقبت باروری �...2020-10-10 13:25 660k
Fileذوب بافت تولید مثلی، بيضه تخمدان.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 800k
Fileذوب جنين جنينهاي حاصل از انجماد شیشهاي.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 724k
Fileذوب جنين جنينهای حاصل از انجماد به روش آهس�...2020-10-10 13:25 780k
Fileذوب؛ اسپرم مايع منی )هر ظرف نگهداری(.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 800k
Fileراهنمای ارایه خدمات باروری سالم و فرزندآو�...2020-10-10 13:25 748k
Fileرویکرد_پیشنهادی_دفتر_سلامت_خانواده_.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 144k
Fileمهمترین شاخص های ارائه باروری سالم در سطح �...2020-10-10 13:25 1216k
Fileنگهداري در حالت انجماد )سالانه( تخمکها.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 616k
Fileهر ظرف نگهداری (تخمکها).pdf2020-10-10 13:25 756k
Fileپیش گیری از سقطهای القایی.pdf2020-10-10 13:25 596k
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